What you need to know before selling your gift cards in Nigeria

Looking for a buyer for your gift cards? Especially if you would prefer to sell for cash, here is the right place for you. And oh! Before you read further, I would love for you to throw out everything you have heard on how selling gift cards is so difficult. This is because the process of exchange of gift cards in Nigeria has improved over the years as a result of the emergence of different platforms for the buying and selling of gift cards here in Nigeria.

Also, worthy of note is that the more you understand the process, the more the buying and selling becomes clearer for you. There are lots of con men out there parading as buyers. These people are ready to rip you off so whether you decide to sell your gift cards for cash or cryptocurrency, the following are a few necessary pieces of information you must have at hand so that your money is safe. Below tips too will aid your decision in sieving out the genuine buyers from the fake ones.

Do not sell to anonymous buyers Yes, people have been selling to anonymous buyers but this is a very risky way of exchanging your gift card. Selling to buyers you know is always the smartest thing to do because the risk of falling into the hands of crooks is reduced to the barest minimum. When you use legitimate, trusted, and recommended websites like davycards.com.ng, your mind is at peace that you will not be scammed.

Be aware of the day’s prevailing rates The fraudsters are always ready to cheat you so you should be smarter than them by finding out beforehand the rate of the day. Armed with this information you can always bargain for a better deal that suits you. At davycards.com.ng, there is no room for crooks or fraudsters to thrive. Here you are offered the best available rates coupled with an added touch of great customer service.

Be on the lookout for buyers who pay quickly It is very important that you ensure that your buyer pays fast because there’s no point selling the cards if your buyer can’t pay you as fast as davycards.com.ng does. Find out from your buyer how long payment would take, davycards.com.ng pays you within 5 minutes of the transaction being completed so if your buyer takes a long time to make payment, always use davycards.com.ng to ensure you get your payment quickly.

The most intelligent and secure way to sell your gift cards is to use a well-verified gift card exchange site like davycards.com.ng. The platform is so easy to use and makes your whole trading experience seamless davycards.com.ng accepts Amazon, Google  Play, Sephora, American Express,  Apple Store, iTunes, Nordstrom, Target, Visa, Walmart,  Sephora, Visa, eBay, and others. This is the best site for gift card exchanges. This site is very secure and SCAM FREE. Payment is very prompt too. The rates are always the best available rates you might not get anywhere.

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